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Let’s face it, it’s not about spending your holiday savings on airport parking. You want to grab your Birmingham Airport parking discounts and spend that extra cash on sangrias! With prices starting from around £2.80 per day, it’s actually pretty easy to find cheap parking at Birmingham Airport. We’ve gathered up all the decent Birmingham Airport Parking discount codes to save you the effort, so you can just make the savings and get on with your day. All the codes are fully tested, but some do expire, so remember to shop around. We’ve also included voucher codes for Birmingham airport in our research. It’s worth noting that the prices are often much cheaper if you book at least 30 days early from your flight date. If you combine this pre-book saving with a promo code for Birmingham Airport parking you can get a great price.

birmingham airport parking discounts

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Up to 28% discount code at Birmingham airport

This voucher code gets you upto 28% and is one of the best Birmingham Airport discounts around. It includes discounts at APH, Blue Circle, and Airparks. These offsite car parks are very popular and the transfers only take around 10-15 mins. The discount code automatically applies when you make a search. You don’t need to copy and paste a code anywhere, which makes things really easy.

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10% discount code at Birmingham airport

APH have a range of discounts at 10% for car parks such as Airparks, I love Meet and Greet, as well as their own APH-branded car parks. This discount applies instantly – all you need to do is search for the dates and choose the airport parking that suits your needs best. 8 days parking starts from around £40. Meet and Greet is great value for money if travelling with children or lot’s of luggage, and with 8 days parking costing. We’ve tested this discount code and it works great. It also works for Airport Hotels with Parking at Birmingham airport.

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Up to 20% discount code at Birmingham airport

This code gives a range of discounts from 8-20% on Birmingham airport parking. It covers Off airport parking, On airport parking, as well as Meet and Greet Valet parking. This voucher code makes getting cheap parking easy as the discount code is pre-filled in on the search engine on Skyparks’ website. There are options to take Meet and Greet from the train station which is just 2 minutes from the airport this is worth exploring. The official Birmingham Airport car parks such as Car Parks 1-5 and the official Valet parking also have discounts available. You can also read Reevoo reviews next to each car park to help to choose. Free SMS and cancellations are available also.

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Airparks Short Run parking at Birmingham Airport

Airparks Short Run

You can now get an instant 20% discount on Airparks Short Run at Birmingham via this site. We don’t know how long this code will be around so get it booked. Airparks short run at Birmingham Airport is one of the most popular car parks. It’s 5 minutes from the departure terminal. You can get 1 week’s parking for around £80 when you use this discount code. When you arrive at the airport you’ll be met by a member of staff who will show you where to park and give you a ticket. Simply keep your keys and board the five-minute transfer bus from the car park to the terminal. When you return from holiday your ticket will act as your free bus pass back to the car park. You just need to give the car park a quick call when you return to request your bus pick up. Airparks Short Run car parking at Birmingham is well organised and most customers rebook this year after year. The car park is fully secured and bookings can be amended or cancelled for free.

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Airparks Self Park Birmingham Airport

Airparks Self Park

Airparks Self Park costs around £90 for a week’s parking and we’ve negotiated you a 20% discount code which you can use today. This voucher code lowers the price to around £70 for 8 days of parking. Airparks Self Park is 14 minutes away from the terminal via a free bus shuttle service. It’s a slightly cheaper alternative to the Airparks short run park car park as the transfer time is longer. You’ll park your own car in a designated slot at the car park. Be given a ticket at the car park and you hold onto your keys whilst you’re on holiday. Then when you return you go back to your designated slot to collect your car. The staff here are very friendly in case you get lost or need assistance. You’ll also be provided with an Airparks contact phone number if you need further assistance. Airparks Self Park discount codes are sought after so use this now before space runs out.

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Blue Circle Meet and Greet Birmingham Airport

Blue Circle Meet and Greet

Use this exclusive discount code to get 14% off the price for Blue Circle Meet and Greet at Birmingham Airport. By using the discount code you can get your parking for around £92 for a week’s parking. This is a super low price for Meet and Greet No need to search around for a parking space, you’ll be dropped off two minutes walk from the terminal. The Blue Circle Meet and Greet drivers are friendly and punctual. Simply give the car park a call 20 minutes before you arrive. Your car is securely parked nearby with 24-hour patrols.

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APH Self Park Birmingham Airport

APH Self Park

You can now book APH Self Park at Birmingham with a 14% discount via this voucher code. The car park is fully secured and is a 15 minute transfer to the terminal. The bus service is free and included in the price. The bus service runs every 25 minutes. One week’s parking costs around £78 when you use this exclusive discount code. APH car parks have been running at Birmingham Airport for many years and have an established process and customer reputation. The car park includes CCTV, 24-hour staff surveillance, secured fencing and regular patrols. When you arrive at APH Self Park you’ll be allocated a parking slot by a friendly member of staff.

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APH Short-Run

APH Short-Run

You can now take advantage of an automatic 14% discount on a APH Short-Run at Birmingham Airport. This voucher code applies automatically and brings the price down to around £90 for one week’s parking. Airparks short run is one of the most established car parks at Birmingham Airport. It is slightly more expensive than the standard APH car parks because it is more convenient. It takes five minutes to get a transfer from the car park to the terminal and these transfers are included in the price. You’ll hold onto your keys whilst you’re on holiday for peace of mind and the APH staff members are there to guide you every step of the way.

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Birmingham Airport Car Park 1

Birmingham Airport Official Car Park 1

Birmingham Airport Official Car Park 1 is the most premium car park at the airport. It’s an official multi-storey car park owned by Birmingham Airport and it’s only a two-minute stroll from the terminal. One week’s parking costs around £120-£140. If you have a bit of extra money to spend and are looking for a super-convenient service then this is the car park to go for. Birmingham car park 1 is more expensive than car parks 2 and 3. You park the car yourself and keep your keys on. You are given a ticket at the entry barrier to the car park. Car Park One at Birmingham airport has automatic number plate recognition. Simply insert your ticket into the machine upon your return and the exit barrier will lift. There are currently no live discounts on this car park. Birmingham Airport prohibits discount codes working on this car park at present so you’ll have to pay full price, however, the car park is fantastic hence the price. There may be a voucher code available for Birmingham Airport Car Park 1 soon so check now using this link to see if discounts are active yet.

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Birmingham Airport Car Park 2 and 3

Birmingham Airport official Car Park 2 and 3

We advise booking Birmingham car park 2 and 3 for a discounted price compared to Car Park 1. You pay a lot less for an extra one-minute walk by using car parks two and three. This car park is only a three-minute walk to the terminal. It’s owned and operated by Birmingham Airport which means it has 24-hour airport security including CCTV and full security measures. The car stays exactly where you parked it, so when you return from holiday it’s right where you left it. The car park is next to the terminal and you can get one week’s parking for around £120. If you’re looking for a discount on the Official Birmingham Airport car park this is the one to go for. It does book up quickly because it is a discounted price. This car park doesn’t support discount codes or voucher codes at the moment but keep your eyes peeled as this may change. We suggest clicking through and checking yourself in case the discount is now live on car parks 2 and 3.

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How discount codes work for Birmingham Airport Parking

We’ve done all the hard work for you. We apply your Birmingham Airport parking discount code automatically when you click the links on this site. There’s no need to copy or paste any discount codes over. Simply click through and make your search for Birmingham parking to see the discounts apply next to all car parks. You’re a few minutes away from awesome savings. Get your cheap parking at Birmingham Airport now.

FREE Cancellation with these Birmingham Airport Parking voucher codes!

free cancellation birmingham airport parking

Did you know that when you use our voucher codes for Birmingham Airport parking you can still take advantage of free cancellation? This means you’ll be able to bag a cheap price and can rest assured that in the event of needing to cancel you can do so for free. Simply look out for the free cancellation icon next to each of the car parks when you make a search.

Car Park Price Saving
Airparks Self Park Column 2 Value Column 3 Value
Blue Circle Meet and Greet Column 2 Value 2 Column 3 Value 2
Car Parks 2 and 3 Column 2 Value 3 Column 3 Value 3
Car Park 1 Column 2 Value 4 Column 3 Value 4
Airparks Self Park – Big vehicles Column 2 Value 5 Column 3 Value 5
APH Column alue 6 Column alue 6

Airparks self park

“Promo code gave us 14% discount. We used the Airparks Self Park last month as we had a flight at 7 AM. Everything was smooth, the staff were there if you needed them but you use their self-service machine so you can do it all yourself.”

Victoria Godfrey, August 2022

Blue Circle Meet and Greet

“Blue circle meet and greet. Love this service – would recommend. The driver was on time and helped with our luggage. Also got a nice discount by using the promo code.”

Simon Stevens, June 2022

Car parks 2 and 3

We tend to book car parks two and three at Birmingham every year. Not been disappointed once. It’s right next door to the airport terminal and can be quite cheap with a discount. Worth a try”

Nigel Thomas, April 2022

Car Park 1

“Car Park 1 at Birmingham Airport is a little more expensive than some of the other official car parks but it’s decent. We’re happy to leave our car there. I will book again.”

Jose Filos


“Been using APH for over 10 years and it’s great. The buses are on time and clean and it’s much cheaper than other car parks at Birmingham Airport. Specially when you use a voucher code. Would recommend.”

Chloe Paul, February 2022

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Sometimes it’s actually cheaper to buy an Airport Hotel with Parking package vs. parking on its own… Crazy I know, but true. We can send you a link to discount codes that apply to both Parking + Hotels at Birmingham airport now so you can double if there is a better deal waiting for you.

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It’s well known that when booking a holiday, the earlier you book the better. Well that applies in airport parking too. So if you book your Birmingham airport parking more than 30 days in advance combined with a discount code, you can make a saving of up to 70% (compared to paying full price at the airport on the day). We have fully-tested Birmingham Airport discounts ready to use. Enjoy!

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