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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Airport Parking Discounts.

Looking for airport parking discounts? You’ll find them here for 28 UK airports. With airport parking discount codes at locations including Birmingham Airport Parking, Edinburgh Airport Parking, Liverpool Airport Parking, Newcastle Airport Parking and more. Our team work around the clock, to bring you some of best savings. Sifting around trying to get cheap airport parking can take a long time, so we aim make your life easier. We can email you a bunch of fully-tested airport parking voucher codes, so you can get the best price. We can also give you some helpful tips on how to get a good deal. You can join our Facebook group and get the latest codes on-demand. With most airport parking promo codes all you need to do is click through and the discount will kick-in and save you money. Discount codes are growing in popularity with most airports offering great discounts for Off airport, On airport and Meet and Greet Valet parking. We hope you enjoy the savings.

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Access exclusive Airport Parking Discounts for 2023



Up to 35% discount for airport parking

This company code works with 28 UK airports and we have airport parking voucher codes that apply at all of them. We can send you discount codes that automatically apply at airports including: Manchester, Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Glasgow and more. Using a discount code is the easiest way to get cheap airport parking so you can save money for your holiday. These discounts also apply to Airport Hotels and Airport Lounges.

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Up to 28% discount for airport parking

This parking company have a wide range of discounts for On airport parking, Meet and Greet parking and Off airport parking. The biggest discounts can be found with Off airport parking, where you need to catch a short transfer Park and Ride bus to the terminal. It’s usually 5-10 mins but can be great value for money. We can send you a range of promo codes for your specific airports now. Remember to book early to find the best price.

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10% discount for airport parking

This brand is a car park operator, so have APH-branded car parks at many airports, as well as other car parks. They have been around many years and offer a flat 10% discount code on all discountable airport parking. We can send you this promo code now and you can click through and make a quick 10% discount. This voucher code also gives you 10% off Airport Hotels with Parking – a great option if you have an early flight and want to stay near the airport the night before you fly.

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How to find a great deal on Airport Parking.

Looking for cheap airport parking? Ok, here’s a pro-tip that not many know about. Sometimes Airport Parking with a Hotel as a package is cheaper than Airport Parking on it’s own… This is even more true when you use a discount code. Many of our codes include a discount on the Airport Hotels with Parking package. So remember to run a price check on this when shopping around for the best deal. Airport hotels are also convenient, as you can relax right by the runway the night before your flight. It’s so nice to wake up and not have to hit the motorway in a rush to the airport.

Why use an Airport Parking discount?

Here’s a few simple reasons to use a discount code.

airport parking discount codes

How to get the biggest discount on Airport parking?

Here’s the magic formula

The key to big discounts is as follows: Pre-book really early (like more than 60 days before your flight) + use an airport discount code (which we can send you) + go for Off airport parking. This formula works at all UK airports. Many people book within 7 days of the flight, when the prices are higher and don’t find the best airport parking voucher. Plus they insist on using the Official On Airport Parking (which is often the most expensive). When actually, there are some great Off airport car parks right next to the airport. So if you can handle a 10 min Park and Ride bus transfer you can often get your airport parking for half the price, or even as much as 70% off.

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