Terms and Conditions

Here at Airport Parking Discounts we want to help you as much as possible. Our aim is to save you money. However we want to be totally transparent about how we operate, so you are informed and can make the most suitable decisions. Here are some key bits of information you should know. If there is something you are not clear on you can always contact us here. We hope you enjoy the site and share it with friends to help others save money on their holiday preparations!

  • All voucher codes we provide on this page are subject to change and availability. We try to keep the information around the voucher codes up-to-date, but sometimes websites will update the discounts available. This may mean you get more or less than the rates we advertise.
  • We simply act as a referral agent. We do not accept liability for anything to do with the bookings.
  • Your booking is made with the site we referral you to and is subject to their booking terms and conditions. Please make sure to read and agree to these when you make a booking.
  • We often use affiliate links, where upon a sale being made on the site we reffer you too, we may receive a commission. This revenue is used to support the site and help us build bigger and better over time.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.